Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Exciting, Fast Moving Marketing Campaigns using Outdoor Image Projection to Display Images, Products or your message.

We provide unique and exciting Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns using our Outdoor Image Projection. We produce a ‘hit & run’ style campaign, carried out in multiple locations across the city. We project your images for short periods and then quickly move to the next location. This creates maximum exposure and excitement around your message.

We can also utilise our own mobile power sources to make the process truly mobile.

“All we need are blank walls!”

Christmas & New Year’s Eve Light Projections

Lighting up buildings for the festive season has always been a custom across the world. Zawadi Media has taken this concept into East Africa in a novel and exciting new way. We can transform the City and its buildings into a Winter Wonderland, with Christmas Trees, Snow Flakes, Christmas Wishes and Floating Stars effects.