Outdoor Image Projection

Projecting your Advertising Campaign or Awareness Campaign or Festive Greetings across Buildings at night time.

Outdoor Image Projection is the process of projecting large Images or Videos onto Buildings for Advertising or to create a statement. Other Structures, like Bridges or Natural features, such as Cliffs, Woodland, etc can also be used. Our mini-projectors can even light up Footpaths and Domestic Houses.

Our Outdoor Image Projectors provide unique images for Advertising, promoting your Product or Event or raising awareness for your Campaign.

These state of the art projections can be either Still images or Video, to create fully interactive experiences. Sound effects or Music can also accompany the projection to add further dazzling effects to your Event or Campaign and enhance the overall user experience.

We can also illuminate your building for the festive Season; Christmas, Eid, Diwali, The New Year.

High power projectors are used to project the image in high definition on a Building. These Images can be up to 10m wide x 70m high, depending on the projector we use.

This new Advertising medium is eye-catching and entertaining.

We at Zawadi Media will handle all the associated design works and production of the Image Slides. We are the complete One-Stop Shop to ensure a successful outcome of your exciting campaign.